If you would like to make a Spanish will, then please ensure you have your passport to hand and the full names of your heirs and beneficiaries and follow the steps set out in our guidelines.

We work with all the major Insurance companies in order to get you the cover you need and not just a general policy, that may not suit your needs.

As well as conveyancing we deal with illegal builds and issues related to Holiday Clubs & Timeshare, including Mis Sold products and cancellations.

Our Official Translator is certified by the Spanish Ministry of Justice. Therefore qualified to make translations of documents for official purposes in Spain.

Timeshare & Holiday Products

Timeshare owners in Spain with illegal contracts can finally get them annulled and their money returned. Here’s the story and why this time, it’s the real deal.

Is Spanish timeshare law as confusing as it seems?

Timeshare Cancellation

Cancelling a timeshare contract is not only to make it void in order to eliminate any civil or criminal responsibility related to it, but also to delete the name of the timeshare owner from the central registry, as otherwise the above responsibilities subsist.