Frequently Asked Questions

Can I avoid travelling to Spain for the Court?
Yes. You can give us power of attorney, and we will represent you in Court.

Can I make a Spanish will in the UK?
Yes. The will can be Notarised in the UK and sent to us for filing in the Spanish system.

What is the role of a notary in Spain?
A notary in Spain has a more elevated role than in the UK or USA; they do much more than just verify signatures. To gain the title of notary requires years of additional studies. At the closing, the notary takes over, acting on behalf of both parties to make sure that the transaction is proper and agreed to and fair to both parties.

What is The Hague Apostille?
The Hague Apostille allows a public document from one country to be recognized as a valid document in another country, among countries that have signed The Hague Agreement. This is done by having an authority affix a stamp on the document to certify its authenticity. Anybody who has a public document that needs to recognised in another country can apply to have them affixed with The Hague Apostille.

What is a Procurador?
The Procurador is a legal representative before the Spanish Courts.
Their main function is receiving notices and communications from the court and informing the lawyer in charge of the case.
Their fees are calculated according to an official rate.