Spanish Wills

If you would like to make a Spanish will, then please ensure you have your passport to hand and the full names of your heirs and beneficiaries and follow the steps set out below:

Pay the cost of the Spanish will of 175 Euros plus IVA at 21% amounting to a total of 211.75 Euros.
We will then send you the online form
Complete the Spanish will form online
Once you have completed the Spanish will form online you will be sent a draft Spanish will document to read & check. We will also read & check the Spanish will
Once the Spanish will has been approved by you and us, then it can be signed before a notary. See below for information on signing the Spanish will before a notary

It is advisable to have a Spanish will for Spanish assets only. The Spanish will works with other wills that you may have and will make it easier and cheaper to deal with Spanish assets upon death.
Under Spanish Law you can leave a) legal title or b) a life interest in a Spanish property to different heirs.
For example if Mr & Mrs each own 50% of a Spanish property and have three children they can leave a life interest to each other in the Spanish property and legal title in the Spanish property to the three children. Upon death of the first spouse, the surviving spouse would have their own 50% of the Spanish property and a life interest in 50% of the deceased’s spouse share in the property and the three children would each inherit one third of 50%.

Then upon the second death the children would inherit the remaining 50%.

If you would like the children to eventually inherit the Spanish property and you do not wish to sell the property upon the first death of one of the owners, then legal title to the children and life interest to each owner is a good option. However bear in mind that if any of the children became bankrupt, died or divorced before the death of the second owner, this could complicate ownership. Also it is advisable for each heir to have a Spanish will when they inherit Spanish property.

If you are likely to sell the Spanish property upon first death then consider leaving the legal title to each other, that way you will not need to depend on your children to sign any documents agreeing to a sale if they have inherited the legal title to the Spanish property.
For example Mr & Mrs would leave all assets in Spain to each other. Upon death the surviving spouse can sell the property once they have dealt with the Spanish inheritance

If you wish to discuss your Spanish will requirements with us, please contact